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The Slaughters Manor House ∙ Lower Slaughter

Picture this: ancient stone walls cradling your vows, whispered by the river and echoed in centuries-old beams. Imagine laughter dancing through manicured gardens, sunlight kissed with the golden blush of the Cotswolds. At Slaughters Manor House, your wedding transcends a celebration; it becomes a chapter woven into the very fabric of history, romance, and timeless beauty.

Whether you dream of a grand affair under the chandeliers of the Long Room or an intimate elopement by the crackling fire in the Library, Slaughters Manor House offers a canvas as diverse as your love story. This enchanting haven caters to every whim, from opulent feasts in the dining room to starlit whispers on the terrace, bathed in the glow of fairy lights.

So, why choose Slaughters Manor House for your wedding? Here's a glimpse into this dreamy Cotswold venue:

  • A tapestry of venues: From the sun-drenched Orangery to the charming Cloisters, each space whispers its own unique tale, ready to be your wedding's stage.
  • Culinary artistry: Award-winning chefs weave the bounty of the Cotswolds into menus that tantalize taste buds and leave hearts full.
  • A haven of pampering: The onsite spa promises serene moments of pre-wedding bliss, while the elegant rooms offer luxurious sanctuaries for the journey to "I do."
  • The Cotswolds at your doorstep: Explore charming villages, rolling hills, and hidden pubs – endless adventures and honeymoon memories await.
  • Timeless elegance: Slaughters Manor House is a love story in itself, whispering tales of centuries past and setting the stage for yours to begin.

Ready to step into the magic of Slaughters Manor House? Let its historic embrace and elegant charm be the canvas for your happily ever after. Contact the team today and start planning your fairytale wedding.


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